KY-I the goal :

“Providing every last person on the planet with a legal identity by 2030.”
~ Sustainable Development Goal 16.9

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Identity and KYC

We are redefining the identity of future democracies with computer assisted autonomous governance.

You have the option of creating a totally anonymous unique identity which is randomly tokenized at each use or a secure public identity everyone can share;

You can obtain “physical” credentials you can attached to your identity at a later time, such that you can benefit from extra services reserved to humans. No more captcha.

=== README file fpr Ydentity™ website ===

“Be your Self Sovereign Identity” ~ michelc

manage and control your identiy with Ydent™

find out more on http://localhost:4000

The format

We would like this identity to be addressable,
for instance an yID like <michelc;penguin-à-vélo@1024> is understood by the system and is a direct link to me.

This identity need to be public, i.e. this is how the everyone remember us, not how we want everyone to know us, so there is no vanity name here. the addressable identity is constituted of 3 parts

  1. Your public name, can be a nickname : this is how you are called
  2. A memo this is how people will remember you, this field need to be “extra-ordinary”
  3. A location field of domain, can be zip code or city


Your addressable identity is : yID=<;@>

I undersigned, certify I am the person described here
and the information provided are exact and true.

Contact information :


Additional information for lost ID recovery (optional)

The infrastructure

In order to be federated and resilient to attack, our network need not to rely on any institution, and there are run between trusted friends. it takes very little resources to run the system and therefore we really appreciate we all participate in making it real by downloading the application and participating in validating the identities.

Participation means that keep a “fragment of the blockRing™ in sync on your device and you are providing identities information to the network request.

You participate is on a voluntary basis however people who don’t to run the application will simply contribute in supporting the cost of operation with a 0.02% transaction fee.

Iggy G. Lake

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